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Margaret Black
Tri-Churches Parish Nurse

Please reach out to us by phone at (416) 494-5364

or contact any of the agencies below:
Toronto Mental Health Support - 211
Seniors Help Line - (416) 217-2077
Seniors Safety Line - (416) 899-1011
Crisis Help - crisisservicescanada.ca

Parish Nursing Health Tip

posted for the week of January 29, 2023

Abandoned by God?  NEVER

When I saw Rev. Paul’s email this morning stating that he and his family have COVID, this question struck me. Two churches with no minister! A different situation but it helped me to empathize more with St. Cyprian’s people.

Also for Iona folks this particular situation brings terrible memories. We have already lost one beloved minister to COVID. Please, Lord, don’t let it happen again. On this point I am sure it won’t. Rev. Robert Reid had no vaccinations, as well as other health conditions which made him vulnerable. Rev. Paul is younger, healthier, and completely vaccinated, so I have no doubt he will be back with us soon.

In the meantime we will be blessed to have Antonio Siracusa, a former nurse now a minister and hospital chaplain, preaching for us this weekend. We have had him once before and appreciated his message. All that being considered, might there be a message from God for us in this situation? I think so.

Stretched by God - YES

Why, Lord, do we need ongoing struggles and changes in our lives and situations both as individuals and as Your people? My “to do” list is already too long. It feels like I will never get to the end of it. I’m surely not the only one who feels this way. Many of us are older and in relatively comfortable routines. Why do we need to be “stretched”?

Because we live in a time of unprecedented unrest, violence, social upheaval. Children are killing people they don’t even know. Thousands of homeless people wander the streets of Toronto seeking shelter, food, help with their lives. Many people struggle with mental health problems, feel ostracized and unable to cope. In short we are living in a world which no longer knows You.

As Your disciples, Jesus’ hands and feet in the world, we need to do our best to help others come to know and worship You as we do - our loving heavenly Father who gives us rules to live by but always loves and forgives us no matter how we go astray.

Just reading this list is enough to make me feel discouraged. Lord, there is NO way we can make all the changes that need to be made in our society. Of course not, and that is not what You expect of us.

What we can do is reach out to the people in our neighborhood and help them learn that there is a loving community at Tri-Church which will welcome them and be here to support them in any ways that we can. And we can only do this with Your help, not on our own. The important thing now is to accept Your need for us in our situation and do whatever we can with Your help and guidance.

Thank you, Lord, for seeing that we still have potential to serve You and others in important ways, thus giving meaning and purpose to our lives.

All praise to You forever!

Margaret Black
Parish Nurse

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