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Tri-Congregational Churches 

1080 Finch Avenue East
North York, Toronto
Ontario, Canada
M2J 2X2 


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9:30 am to 12:30 pm

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Margaret Black
Tri-Churches Parish Nurse

Please reach out to us by phone at (416) 494-5364

or contact any of the agencies below:
Toronto Mental Health Support - 211
Seniors Help Line - (416) 217-2077
Seniors Safety Line - (416) 899-1011
Crisis Help - crisisservicescanada.ca

Parish Nursing Health Tip

posted for the week of October 2, 2022

This morning I woke up feeling wonderful, having had the best sleep in several nights. On my morning walk I was thanking God for all the amazing blessings in my life - good health, wonderful family, my wonderful church family, plus all the things I need (shelter, food, etc.) that I take so much for granted. I was enjoying the fresh autumn air and sunshine and the beautiful trees just starting to turn colour. An hour later I was screaming at my dog for a few misdemeanours. Where did that come from?  My Dark Side had suddenly appeared and I was appalled.

I tend to think of myself as a sunny person, usually seeing the best in my life and trying to show Godís love to the world around me so this was a big surprise. But we all have a Dark Side. It took some time for me to really understand what had triggered it. In this case, a challenge with technology. I had scanned the area on the municipal election voting card to learn more about the candidates running in my riding for various positions. It got complicated and very frustrating, especially as Queen was nudging me, wanting breakfast and play time. They didnít go well together and suddenly I was overtaken by my Dark Side and Queen bore the brunt. True, sheís a dog but she is also a sentient being with feelings like mine and I reacted very inappropriately.

I try to use every negative experience as a learning opportunity. This one gave me a lot to reflect on and I learned a lot about myself in the process.

I am goal-driven, setting goals for myself every day and rewarding myself for those I accomplish while criticizing myself for those left undone. This can be a useful trait but only if the goals are realistic and manageable in the time period available. August and September have been hectic for me, wonderful in some ways, challenging in others including a one month visit from my daughter who lives in Alberta, and a bathroom renovation during the time she was home. Toss in there my church responsibilities and it is apparent that I had allowed myself to become quite stressed. Although I recognized that, I didnít allow myself time to relax, continuing to expect all the usual things from myself which led to a predictable explosion. When things go wrong I need to deal with them, but appropriately, not just as a vent for stored up stress. From now on I will work on being more realistic in my goals and schedules and take time to relax when I start to feel pressured. God has given us a wonderful place to live and wonderful people to share our lives with. I need to make the most of each day and forgive myself for unfinished business.

We all need time to relax and enjoy ourselves and to thank God daily for all His gifts. Wishing you the very best as we move into the future together.

Blessings ...

Margaret Black
Tri-Churches Parish Nurse


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