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Tri-Congregational Churches 

1080 Finch Avenue East
North York, Toronto
Ontario, Canada
M2J 2X2 


Office Hours
Tuesday to Friday 
9:30 am to 12:30 pm

416 494 2442










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image-marg black
Marg Black
Tri-Churches Parish Nurse

In-Person Worship
Important Conditions

Hello Everyone,

We have been working hard since mid-June to prepare everything we need so that we can worship safely in person. We are fol lowing all the guidelines of the Toronto Public Health Department and the Presbyterian Church in Canada. I just want to give you a brief overview of the conditions for in-person worship.

Our seating capacity is limited to 30% of the floor space. So if you wish to attend in person, please RSVP to Bob Williams at postmaster@tri-church.ca or 416-494-2442 so that we know how many to expect.

Our service will be at 11:00 am as usual, but everyone entering the building will be screened (temperature taken, usual questions, etc.) before coming in. So I suggest you come 15 minutes early to allow this extra time.

Seniors and those with other health problems are at higher risk, but we are doing our best to ensure everyone’s safety.

People will need to social distance (6 ft apart) while waiting to enter.  Everyone will need to wear a mask. Hand sanitizer will be on the table at the entrance and masks will be available if you don’t have your own.

Once you are through the screening process, you can proceed to the worship area where chairs will be spaced 6 feet apart. If you come with other members of your household, you can move chairs together, but then the rest of the chairs in that row will be readjusted to maintain the 6 feet distance.

There will be a table at the door to the worship area with an offering plate where people can leave their offerings if they wish.

If you use the washroom, you will need to disinfect it before leaving the room. Instructions will be posted there.

At the end of the service, we ask that you please use the hand sanitizer and social distance as you leave (similar to entering).

Volunteers will complete a thorough cleaning and disinfecting protocol in the worship area and all common-use areas before we leave the building.

The service will also be available online for those who prefer to follow form home.

This is worship in the COVID-19 era. However we do it, we are grateful for the opportunity to worship God and celebrate with our church family.

Margaret Black
Tri-Churches Parish Nurse 

As our Parish Nursing office is still closed at this time,
please reach out to us by phone at (416) 494-5364

or contact any of the agencies below:
Toronto Mental Health Support - 211
Seniors Help Line - (416) 217-2077
Seniors Safety Line - (416) 899-1011
Crisis Help - crisisservicescanada.ca

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Happy Thanksgiving in the COVID-19 Era
Health Tip - Week of October 11, 2020

With COVID cases rising and increasing restrictions added to our lives, with  people losing jobs and small businesses fearing permanent closure because of the restrictions, with racial tensions on the rise, how can I talk about being “Happy” on this Thanksgiving? It will be like no other we have experienced. 

We are being told to limit our celebrations to only those who live with us in the same house. What about all the family members we usually have over who can’t come? It’s hard to feel like celebrating in this atmosphere of gloom & doom. But that’s only because we can’t see all the amazing things around us.

When we are focused on fear, loneliness, the things we can’t have, we become blind to all the things we do have. A roof over our heads, abundant food in our refrigerators, clean water at the touch of a tap, technology that allows us to keep in touch with our friends and family even at a distance. For a HUGE proportion of the world’s people, these are blessings beyond their wildest dreams! Even here we have people on the streets, no shelter, no food, no meaning or purpose in their lives beyond staying alive for another day.

But we have so much more than these things that we take for granted. I sat on my back patio in the sunshine with my dog this afternoon for a little while, started a new book, and enjoyed the peace and beauty around me. My house is at the top of a hill so I am looking out not only at my roses but also at the top of my neighbours’ trees. Driving the car, I’m continually distracted by the glorious fall colours of the leaves. I have a wonderful family and friends, belong to a caring church community at Tri-Church, a return to good health, and a life filled with meaning and purpose.  I have even been part of a few incredible healing and abundant life miracles (a friend dying of cancer is now healed, has married the love of his life, and has a beautiful healthy daughter and granddaughter; another is working his way out of a crippling load of debt and has a wonderful relationship with an amazing woman; I could go on, but you get the idea). And God is always with us. These “everyday miracles” surround us if we open our eyes.

So in this time of fear and doubt, let’s change our focus from what we can’t have and rejoice instead in what God has given us.

Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to you all.

Margaret Black
Tri-Church Parish Nurse

About COVID-19

Why Social-Distancing is Vital?

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fever, cough, difficulty breathing, pneumonia in both lungs.

How does it spread?
Through respiratory droplets spread when you cough/sneeze;
close personal contact (e.g. touching or shaking hands);
touching something with the virus on it,
then touching your mouth, nose or eyes
before washing your hands.

Protection of yourself and others?
Wash your hands often
(after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose,
touching common-use areas,
such as door handles, elevator buttons, etc.)
with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
(back and front, special attention to nail areas);
use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available;
avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
avoid close contact with people who are sick;
cough or sneeze into your sleeve instead of into your hands;
stay home to avoid spreading the illness to others.