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the Rev. Paul Kang
Interim Minister at Iona Presbyterian Church


Sunday, August 7, 2022

Communion Worship Service

with the St. Cyprian Congregation

in-Church and via Zoom

at 11:00 am

led by the Rev. Paul Kang

Order of Worship




Margaret Black
Tri-Churches Parish Nurse

Parish Nursing Health Tip
posted for the week of July 24, 2022

More health tips are posted here

Where Is Our Focus?

The events of the past week are now coming together for me and suggesting another health tip. As some of you may know, Melissa Reid is currently in Scotland, visiting Robertís remaining relatives and scattering some of his ashes in his homeland. This reminded me of a similar trip I made many years ago where I picked up this cute souvenir in the gift shop at Inverness. 


It shows a small Scotsman in a little boat taking a picture of a small bird on what he assumes is a rock, and totally missing the fact that it is on the tail of the Loch Ness Monster, which is eyeing him as an appetizer. I used to use this to show my nursing students the importance of seeing things in context, a lesson that I also need to keep in mind as I have a tendency to focus on details and miss what is really important.

This week we learned of the terrible loss at Iona of Rena Mowbray. She had been with us for many years and we had many good times together years ago, such as when she and some others would come to our house to celebrate Hogmanay (Scottish New Yearís Eve). Also, I was her elder and parish nurse and on Tuesday mornings, when she was unable to attend church, I would deliver a printed copy of the sermon to keep her in touch with us. Mostly I just stuck the copy in her mailbox, telling myself I would visit her another time when I wasnít so busy. Little did I know that time would never come. Now I live with guilt and sorrow for not ensuring regular visits. Rena, we miss you but are grateful you are now past the pain and loneliness, as you rest in Godís loving care.

Yesterday I had a phone call from Rita Hiorth, now living in Collingwood. She said she would be in Toronto today for an appointment and we arranged for her to visit me this afternoon but I woke up worried about details: should I set up inside or on the deck; how much cleaning up do I need to do, etc. Still focused on the wrong things, I need to focus on the joy of seeing her, not knowing how many other opportunities we will have to be together.

A recent sermon by Emily Bisset pointed out that our focus as Christians should be on showing Godís love through our actions, not just having good intentions. We are Christís body here on earth and He depends on us to show His love to others through  what we do. Our actions could include visits, phone calls, prayers, perhaps a card to let someone know we are thinking of them, whatever else occurs to you. The important thing is to connect with those who need us and help them know someone cares. From now on, when I am tempted to put things off because I am ďtoo busyĒ, I will look at my Loch Ness souvenir and ask myself what is REALLY important on that day. I hope and pray that this tip may help those who read it remember to focus on the important things, not just the details.


Margaret Black
Parish Nurse




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