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      Fr. Victor Li

Pastoral Message
for Sunday, February 21, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the season of Lent!

It seems like it was Christmas only yesterday...

Time may have flown by quickly for some, but for others, it is agonizingly slow in this pandemic!

On this First Sunday in Lent, I invite you to reflect on these trying times and our coping mechanism.

Have you heard of the Stockdale Paradox?
It may have something important to say to us about our survival in this Covid crisis.

For more of my reflection on "Trials & Temptation", you are invited to

take a listen here →


read the homily here →

For those who wish to join in worship via Zoom together at 10:00 am this Sunday (live), please refer to the instruction on the second page of the Order of Service.
Do join the meeting earlier to visit with one another - the Zoom meeting will already be open from 9:40 am.

If you cannot join us on Sunday morning, please follow the Home Worship materials at your convenience. Make sure you click on the links for the hymns to listen & sing along!

We are grateful for technology, allowing us to remain connected to each other
and united in one Spirit, despite our physical separation.

God's Blessings and Peace be with you!

Fr. Victor

Worship Service: First Sunday in Lent
with the Iona congregation

February 21, 2021

Join us via Zoom at 10:00 am
Follow the Order of Worship here →

Listen to the Homily here →
“Trials & Temptation” 



Iona Calendar for February 2021



Marg Black
Tri-Churches Parish Nurse


Health Tip 
for the week of February 21, 2021

Life in End Times

My microwave beeps when it has heated my food and I glance at it to check the time. Instead of giving me the time, it simply says “End”.  That reminds me of the biblical passages in Revelation dealing with the “End Times”.  There will be wars & rumours of wars, plagues, darkness, etc. before the End.  Many of us may feel right now like we are living in these dark times ...

Continue reading here →



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