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the Rev. Paul Kang
Interim Minister at Iona Presbyterian Church


You are invited to the

Worship Service

on the
5th Sunday of Easter,
May 15, 2022

led by the Rev. Paul
in church and via Zoom
at 11:00 am

in church and via Zoom at 11:00 am.
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Margaret Black
Tri-Churches Parish Nurse

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Parish Nursing Health Tip 
posted for the week of April 10, 2022

Coincidences or Gifts?

    Yesterday I was taking my late morning walk past the house of a beloved friend from church, an older woman who lives alone. I usually just wave at the house and pray for her as I go by but this day there were two cars parked in her driveway. I was concerned that she might be ill and that family members had come to help her so I stopped to check. As I was ringing her doorbell, Rev. Paul, our wonderful Interim Minister, also arrived at the door much to my surprise. The surprise was even greater when the doorway was suddenly filled with three other friends from the church that I had not seen in person for 2 years! Coincidence? I donít think so. This was clearly a gift from God which expanded into an impromptu party as we were both invited in for a visit and glass of wine. Hugs all around. Lots of laughter and chatter as we caught up with each otherís lives and experiences over the last 2 years. 

    One member of the group mentioned that COVID had actually brought some good things into her life as well as grief and pain from losses she had suffered. The good things were related to the use of technology to keep in touch and socialize with family members spread across the country in different time zones. Playing amazing computer games in the middle of the night with family in different time zones and locations. How joyful it has been to actually see them while talking with them, as it is with seeing other church members during our hybrid worship services. It was valuable to be reminded that even in the midst of very difficult times, there are always some good things to be grateful for. Most especially the love of family & friends.

    Rev. Paul and I were encouraged to join them for lunch. I knew there would be an abundance of excellent food but unfortunately I was unable to stay. As I left the house to continue my walk, I could feel the presence of God so strongly with me.  Normally I spend my walking time praying for a long list of people and situations who need help but this can become depleting. On this occasion I just opened myself to Godís presence, obvious in the natural world around me on this spring day, birds singing, trees starting to show tiny buds, etc. It was so calming and beautiful to just BE with God instead of filling each moment with words or thoughts. The whole experience was definitely a GIFT, not a coincidence. How many times do we miss the gifts we are given because we are focused on too many other things?

May you enjoy whatever gifts you receive each day.

Margaret Black
Parish Nurse




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