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Our Services


  What services do we offer ?  
  All Parish Nursing services are always free of charge and completely confidential.  
  • Education -
    health education for individuals, families and community

  • Seniors' Exercise Class -

    The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College has willingly undertaken leadership of the group and developed an excellent program suitable for participants with varied levels of mobility and other restrictions. Participants can do exercises either seated or standing to the level of their tolerance. The weekly class is open to members of the four congregations (Iona Presbyterian, St. Christopher's Anglican, St. Cyprian's Anglican, and Trinity Mandarin) who worship in the building and also to the community. We currently have close to 30 members in the class. Not only has this provided a valuable health promotion activity for the churches and community, but it also provides Clinic Interns (pre-graduate students) at CMCC with valuable experience working with the participants. Classes are planned and run by the interns and supervised by registered Chiropractors who are teaching faculty at the College. The program is definitely a win-win situation for all involved. Margaret Black, Parish Nurse, would like to express the participants' gratitude to Dr. Jarrod Goldin, DC, and his students, and to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College for helping to make this dream a reality.


  • Counselling and Support -
    health counselling, emotional support, and encouragement
  • Problem-solving -
    helping to identify concerns and options, and providing support for you in your choice of solutions
  • Advocating -
    on your behalf with the health care system
  • Connecting -
    you with community resource
  • Monitoring -
    ongoing health conditions (eg. blood pressure problems)
  • Interpreting -
    health information and helping to navigate the health care system
  • Support -
    by making home visits and accompanying you to doctors' offices and other health care appointments where necessary
  • Collaboration -
    in-home health care services funded by Ontario Government (including nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc.)

    The gateway to placement in Long-Term Care institutions

    Individual assessments are done to determine what funded services are needed and then implements services within the government's budgetary allowances


  • The Parish Nursing Ministry's office hours are:

    - Tuesday mornings from 9:30am to 12:30pm
    - Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00pm