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Need to know what the head office is up to? Then check out the official website of the Presbyterian Church in Canada to read more about leadership conventions, outreach efforts and international relief projects.  

Presbyterian Connection

The Presbyterian Connection newspaper is a new publication produced by the Life and Mission Agency, following the announcement of the closure of the Presbyterian Record.

This newspaper is a Christian newspaper that strives to unite Presbyterians from across the country through stories, reflections, interviews and articles, allowing us to share and develop our faith. The newspaper is informative, educational and fun! It is distributed four times per year, free of charge.

The goal of the newspaper is to further equip leaders, connect congregations and missions, facilitate communication and highlight denominational work - strengthening our denominational ties across the country.


The Presbyterian Record has ceased publication in December 2016. Here is a link to the archived copies.   




Ever wondered where the ministers get their training from? Visit the website of Knox College at the University of Toronto for information on interesting events, and continuing education programs.  




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