You might wonder who we are...

We are a community of people serving Jesus Christ, who worship, learn and grow together. Christ works in and through us in the service of others.

Our church community strive to foster the growth of love for God and for each other.

We involve our youth and children in spiritual development.

We do our best to comfort, refresh, challenge and inspire each other.

We reach beyond our Iona community in the service of others.

We participate in Presbyterian Sharing supporting the world-wide mission of the church.

We care about the needs of others in our community.

We encourage people to discover their talents so they can find expression and fulfilment in their lives.

We help each other live our lives in a way that serves and praises God.

Because we know and celebrate God's love, we would like you to experience it as well. You are most welcome to join.

Why join IONA?

If you're looking for a big, traditional church with stained glass windows and a huge congregation, Iona is not for you (although we're willing to learn if God so dictates!).

So who are we? Why come here?

We are a small but lively and diverse congregation. We number among our members several-generation Canadians and recent immigrants from most corners of the globe, such as Asia, Britain & Ireland, the Caribbean and Central America, Indonesia, Mediterranean Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka.

We have a couple of little ones, some high school / university-aged students, parents, grandparents, and many older adults. In future we would also love to have a group of younger school-aged children and their parents as well as more young adults.

Our folks struggle with all the same issues that most people face (family, work, and money problems; illness and death of loved ones; changing societal values; all the struggles of recent immigrants adjusting to their new life; etc.). There probably isn't anything you are dealing with that someone in our church hasn't already experienced.

In short, we are a part of God's family, meeting and worshipping in a multidenominational setting. We share our church building with English and Cantonese Anglican congregations and a Mandarin Presbyterian congregation.

So, why do I come here?

I come because I find God here, in the worship service and in our congregation. When I am troubled or lost, He comforts and directs me. When I am celebrating, He celebrates with me. When I become complacent and self-satisfied, He challenges me. And always, He loves and forgives me, no matter what. This assurance goes with me throughout each day and gives meaning and purpose to my life. I think my experience is pretty typical for most people at Iona.

If you are looking for something, why not check us out? You are always welcome!

Margaret Black

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Iona Presbyterian Church

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Ontario, Canada
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Office Hours:
Tuesday to Friday
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Worship Service

Sundays at 10:30 am

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